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Too many of us use coffee to wake up and wine to put us to sleep. Your body, mind, and spirit cannot truly thrive when you are swinging between those extremes. While there are many medical reasons why people feel drained, behavioral choices play a major factor, too. Consider these techniques for getting your energy back:

  • Discernment: learn the skill of saying “no.”
  • Expectations: get in touch with what you WANT first, not what you think is expected of you.
  • Resentment: if you feel resentment welling up inside of you, try meditating.
  • Hiding: own up and tell the truth instead of using all your energy trying to hide your feelings.
  • Distraction: make a to-do list to keep you on track. Make sure to organize and prioritize your tasks, and ignore your phone (unless some of your tasks require it!).

Loss of energy can often be attributed to busy schedules and health conditions, but spending your time wisely can make a big difference. Use part of that time contacting our office! If you are suffering from drained energy, our comprehensive wellness program is the perfect way to get your health on track.

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