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Recent research shows that it is much harder for young people today to maintain a healthy weight than it was for their grandparents. Even if you eat exactly the same macros (protein, fat, and carbs) and do the same amount and type of exercise, you are likely to be heavier than your grandparents were at your age. In fact, with all factors accounted for, the predicted body mass index (BMI) has risen 2.3 points between 1988 and 2006. Your BMI is affected by many factors, such as:

  • The use of medications
  • Environmental toxins
  • Stress level
  • The timing of meals
  • Gut bacteria
  • Light exposure at nighttime
  • Genetics

The sad truth is that Americans eat differently than they used to. Food today is much more toxic than in the past—it’s filled with antibiotics, pesticides, and artificial sweeteners. All of these are scientifically shown to negatively affect gut health. You can read more about food toxins in our article “Are ‘Low Fat’ and ‘Fat Free’ Labels Telling the Truth?”.

The gut microbiome, or the community of good and bad bacteria that naturally inhibit the digestive tract, has changed drastically since the 80’s. And of course, this change in gut bacteria is linked with weight gain and obesity. If you are concerned about your gut health, contact our office to see how we are taking a holistic approach to this issue.

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