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Do you often find yourself feeling “lazy,” and are you being hard on yourself because of that struggle? It might not be that you are truly lazy. What you might really be struggling with is a lack of motivation that comes from a surprising health problem.

Laziness—the choice to not do anything even though you could—is not quite the same as a lack of motivation. A lack of motivation does not necessarily mean you aren’t doing anything. You could lack motivation and still accomplish more than you needed to in one day. The thing is, you got a lot done, but you really did not want to. And although you would say “It feels nice… I guess” to have completed your daily tasks, you really don’t care much. This may not just be a phase or a character flaw, but a sign of something else.

Studies have revealed that a lack of motivation can be a symptom of chronic inflammation. Chronic low-grade inflammation hinders the activity of areas in the brain that are responsible for motivation. Wanting to engage in your life and live it to the fullest is a natural state of health.

If you find yourself struggling to find motivation, this is a red flag that you could have an underlying problem.

If you are a woman, you might find it harder to find the underlying problem. Women’s health concerns are commonly dismissed or disbelieved by doctors in the standard health care model. Even worse, many women internalize the stigmatization and suffer in isolation. Shame creeps in to whisper lies about low energy, lack of motivation, and what they say about you. It’s important to understand that a lack of motivation can be the symptom of a larger, underlying problem—not a character flaw. If you were working toward your goals and dreams but suddenly no longer feel like doing anything, please ask our office for help.

So, where does this inflammation come from? It can stem from the byproducts of a modern life.

6 Reasons Modern Life is so Inflammatory

  1. Blood sugar is too high
  2. Not eating enough fruits and veggies
  3. Modern foods are inflammatory
  4. Conventional beauty products can be packed with chemicals
  5. A sedentary lifestyle.
  6. Stress!

If you’re looking to make a change to regain energy and a zest for life, contact us today.

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