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This is an age-old question, but the truth is that a “meaningful life” means something different to everyone.

Ways to Make Life More Meaningful

Foster a passion. Finding an interest or activity that motivates positive passion leads to optimal function, improves behavior, and strengthens relationships.

  • Develop and foster social relationships.
  • Making connections with other individuals, and maintaining these relationships, is a reliable way to develop a sense of meaningfulness.
  • Find relationships that increase your sense of belonging. Not all relationships are created equal, so make sure to focus on connections that make you feel like you ‘belong.’
  • Monitor your mood. There is a positive temporal relationship between positive mood and sense of meaning.
  • Take control of your environment. Routines, patterns (which could refer to your behavior and the behavior of your family), time-blocking, and clean environments can all contribute to an increased ability to make sense of one’s environment, which in turn can lead to an increased sense of meaningfulness.

Are You Still Struggling?

If you are struggling with your mental health, our office can help.

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