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Have your hormones been out of balance since your concussion?

If you have had a brain injury, acute symptoms may quickly subside. But brain trauma can continue to subtly wreck havoc on how your body functions for much longer after the incident.

When you think of the effects of a brain injury, it’s easy to associate it with headaches, nausea, and poor eyesight. But what about hormones? After a brain injury, hormone imbalances are often not considered or monitored, but they can have a big effect on everyday life.

Why Hormones?

One study of 1,000 patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) found that almost 30% had compromised pituitary function.

Your pituitary gland is in the brain’s hormone command center. The hormonal systems most impacted are:

  • Sex hormones
  • Growth hormones (which adults need for bone and muscle strength)
  • Adrenal (stress) hormones.

More specifically, these hormonal systems will cause symptoms that inhibit everyday life.


Common hormone symptoms related to brain injury include:


Weight gain


Loss of muscle mass

Low libido

Children, however, may even experience growth problems in the future. And interestingly enough, two people who recover from the same traumatic brain injury may see two different responses. Everyone’s response will be unique, so your treatment needs to be, too.

Our office takes a holistic approach to TBI by addressing underlying health concerns, including hormones and gut health. If you have any brain or hormone concerns, contact us so we can provide you with unique care tailored specifically for you.

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