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A trigger is an emotional flashback to something that happened in the past. A stimulus—such as sight, sound, or smell—can ignite feelings of trauma from the past, causing you to be put into flight or fight mode. Did you know that it only takes 0.0000001 of a second for a sound, sight, or smell to spark a physical sensation in your body? The goal is to respond—not react—to a trigger. It is difficult, but with time, you can learn how to overcome your triggers.

Although we cannot control other people, we can control how we respond. It takes time, healing, and a lot of self-reflection to wield our responses in a healthy way. During that journey, you will most likely experience disappointment—you might even end up thinking you’re crazy. But no matter how many times you fail, there is always a deeper, underlying reason for getting triggered.

Keep in mind that you are not broken; nothing is wrong with you. Even when you feel the most triggered, you are okay and you are safe. To begin the process of healing, ask yourself these 3 questions when you feel triggered:

1. What feeling is being triggered right now?

2. Why is this feeling being triggered?

3. Why does this matter so much to me?

As you continue being mindful of what triggers you, try journaling to keep track of your experiences. We even recommend uncensored free writing so your journal can be as accurate to your thought process as possible. And of course, do not hesitate to find a counselor who can help you from a psychological standpoint.

Overcoming your triggers can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Please contact our office if you need extra support handling this issue. Our doctors and therapists offer holistic treatment to make sure you feel your best—mind, body, and spirit!

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