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How do you view sleep? Is sleep just something on your “to do” list, or do you view it as a critical part of self-care? If you want to feel your best, lose weight, and function at your highest ability, sleep must be prioritized. Let’s take a look at how to create a healthy bedtime routine and seek accountability so you can be a top-notch sleeper!

Here are a few tips for getting quality sleep:

  • Set a bedtime for yourself! This is one of the best habits to make when it comes to improving your sleep. It’s important to choose a bedtime routine that works for you. If you don’t follow through consistently, just setting a bedtime will not help you sleep better. Remember to factor in how long it takes you to fall asleep! Sleeping enough and at similar times every day helps keep your hormones balanced and our bodies running like clockwork.
  • Establishing a calming bedtime routine is critical for enabling quality sleep. Find something that brings you joy and contentment. This could be a calming activity such as reading, journaling, drinking a warm cup of tea, or taking a hot bath or shower.
  • Create a comfortable sleeping environment. This often means reducing any sounds and making sure your room is dark and set to a comfortable temperature.
  • Wearing glasses that block blue light can help keep your melatonin production at normal levels. Wear these glasses in the evening if you decide to have screen time. However, we recommend turning off your devices two hours before bed since phones and T.V. are mentally stimulating.

A “circadian rhythm” is the umbrella term used for a 24-hour cycle that impacts almost every system in our body. It tells us that we should be awake when the sun is out and asleep when the sky grows dark. This light-dark rhythm also tells our bodies when to produce certain hormones and when not to. Getting less sleep makes us more irritable, anxious, and sad. Poor sleep also plays a negative role in reaching any weight loss goals you might have.

Whether you’re an athlete, work full-time, or are looking to lose weight, getting enough sleep is so important for overall health and well-being. The benefits of good sleep can help you feel your best and live a healthy, meaningful life! Reach out to our office if you are ready to change your lifestyle habits and start feeling better.

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