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Are you getting enough sleep at night? Most people aren’t.

Research has shown that just a few nights of sleep deprivation can pack on pounds. Sleep deprivation makes fat cells less sensitive to insulin, the hormone that transports glucose into cells so they can produce energy. Another health concern raised by sleep deprivation is that it can increase your cortisol levels and decrease leptin, which helps you know when you are satisfied and full. Stressed is bad enough, but stressed and hungry? We’re pretty sure ‘hungry’ is just another word for ‘stressed.’ Want more reasons to get more sleep? We’ve got you covered.

Lack of sleep can:

  • Make you gain weight
  • Increase your hunger and cravings
  • Inhibit your ability to feel full
  • Slow your metabolism down
  • Prevent you from efficiently burning calories
  • Cause blood sugar imbalances
  • Encourage you to seek quick-fix, high-carb foods

Studies also show that people who sleep 7 or more hours each night are more likely to exercise more, and thus burn more calories than those who are sleep deprived. Getting adequate sleep can be difficult, especially if you are a parent or work late nights or early mornings.

Scheduling time to sleep may seem out of your control, but it’s still your choice to try. And if you ask us, prioritizing sleep isn’t an ideal; it’s a necessity. What will you choose to prioritize?

If you’d like to take a more holistic approach in order to get more sleep, please reach out to our office today.

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