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There are so many myths circulating in the fitness and running community, and this misinformation can make it difficult for people to know “what” to do and even contribute to illness.

6 Exercise Myths:

  1. More (whey) protein = More muscle growth. Having too much protein can cause free radical damage that can give you the opposite effect of what you were looking for! Protein does not equal muscle!
  2. That mid-run urgent bowel movement you get is NOT normal. Ischemia, nutrition, dehydration and/or mechanical function could be the root of what is causing this.
  3. It is normal to wake up with your heart racing if you are in the midst of training for an event (or if you have chronic fatigue/illness). It actually could mean that you’ve overdone it and it’s causing stress on your adrenals and cortisol levels.
  4. Getting the workout in is more important than the hours of sleep you get. Sleep is critical for cellular repair and recovery.
  5. 2 a-days are a must! This can be highly effective when all you are doing in between your two workouts is refueling with optimal nutrition, doing restorative practices, and sleeping/resting your body. However, for the vast majority of us doing 2 a-days, this is not the case.
  6. You should overwork your body to drop unwanted pounds. If you actually back off and either take a break or incorporate restorative exercise such as a gentle yoga class, tai chi, or walking, that extra weight you don’t like will literally fall off without effort when your hormones and digestion are back in balance.

If you think nutrition is the root cause of your runner’s diarrhea, ask our office for guidance and consider the following:

Quick Facts for Runners

  • Tight junctions in the intestinal can be injured due to NSAID use and may contribute to runner’s diarrhea.
  • High FODMAP foods may cause gas and bloating, leading to diarrhea.
  • Caffeine can have a laxative effect.
  • High carb foods have a high osmolality. In the susceptible individual this may cause shift of fluids inside the intestine and cause diarrhea. Glucose plus fructose “goo” packs are balanced to decrease this effect.

If you’re having trouble managing your exercise and nutrition regime, contact us to learn about our wellness program. We’re ready to help you learn what’s best for your body and how to stick to a healthy lifestyle!

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