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Do you have a strong support system?

2020 taught us to fight for relationships, even if it meant dealing with spotty WiFi during a video call or meeting six feet apart in a loved one’s driveway. Relationships matter, and knowing people who can support your health choices matters, too.

At Health Connection, we strive to be a part of each patient’s support system. A big part of how we facilitate this is by involving family members in our patients’ individual health journeys.

Humans are driven by community, so it’s a powerful thing when we come together and encourage healing.

4 Simple Ways to Foster Health-Minded Relationships

  1. Be Vulnerable. Tell your friends you want someone to exercise and/or cook healthy meals with. They might surprise you and say they were thinking the same!
  2. Be Creative. If you’re not finding anyone who is truly looking to practice healthy habits, get creative with it. Plan a day to walk around an outdoor shopping center and have healthy food options in mind. This is a great, unassuming way to get lots of walking in! And if you want to take a buddy, most friends wouldn’t say ”no” to a day of shopping, exploring, and food.
  3. Be Accountable and Consistent. When you find a trustworthy friend who is there to go on a journey toward health with you, allow them to speak into your life and keep you accountable. Don’t stress over goals and expectations, but find consistent ways to keep yourself healthy.
  4. Host More Gatherings. If your friends don’t practice healthy eating habits and you are nervous about your options during hangouts, consider hosting at your home more often! This gives you control over the healthy-to-unhealthy food ratio and will—hopefully—show your friends that healthy food can also be delicious. Just to clarify, we do not suggest going nuts with the health food and making unfamiliar dishes that few guests will enjoy. Simple changes like choosing grilled chicken over beef, using organic ingredients, and lessening the amount of sugar can be healthy and crowd pleasing.

    If you feel stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle, it can be difficult building a community that will support your transformation. That’s why Health Connection exists! We are ready to be your “partners in health,” walking alongside you on your wellness journey. If it’s time to improve your health, grab a friend and contact our office today!
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