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There is a difference between PTSD and CPTSD.

PTSD is the result of an acute trauma. For example, this could be from a car accident, combat trauma, witnessing a death, being in a natural disaster, etc. Whereas, CPTSD is the result of repetitive and prolonged trauma, such as ongoing physical abuse, sexual abuse, and/or neglect (which is often experienced in childhood, but can also be part of domestic violence and abuse, exploitation, etc. in adulthood).

A person with CPTSD will have the symptoms of PTSD along with the following:

  • Difficulty regulating emotions and experiencing persistent sadness, suicidal thoughts, and rage.
  • Disassociation that pulls a person out of the moment, amnesia about the trauma, or obsessing about or reliving the trauma.
  • Feeling different than other humans with persistent helplessness, stigma, shame, or guilt.
  • Seeing the perpetrator in a distorted way, either giving them too much power or obsessing about revenge.
  • Problems with mistrust, isolation, or searching for a “rescuer” when it comes to personal relationships.
  • Despair, hopelessness, and lack of meaning in life.
  • Tendency to self-harm or self-medicate.

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