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A “bad” job is more than just an inconvenience. Working at a job you do not enjoy could potentially lead to bad health. Here are five ways that disliking your job can cause physical and mental health consequences:

1. By Encouraging Sedentary Behavior

Sitting all day is not going to be good for your health. Your job should allow you to take short breaks throughout the day to move around. Researchers have found that even a five-minute walk on an hourly basis can help counter these damaging effects. Furthermore, you may also consider performing desk exercises.

2. By Following You Back Home

In a recent study, researchers found that the expectation of having to keep checking work-related emails during non-office hours could contribute to higher levels of stress and anxiety. This can also affect family members who may feel they are not able to spend enough quality time together. Consider turning off your notifications to create a healthy work-life balance!

Balance your work and personal life by occasionally turning off notifications.

3. By Interfering With Sleep and Social Life

Poor sleep can also make you less sociable and more irritable, which increases feelings of isolation. Unpredictable shifts and irregular timings can reduce sleep quality. Over time, this leads to a higher risk of chronic diseases. For those who work in law enforcement or at hospitals, inadequate sleep can have concerning effects on work performance.

4. By Grouping You With Toxic Co-workers

Being around a boss or coworker you don’t get along with can damage your mental health in the long run. Many employees have reported that their immediate supervisor is a significant source of stress. These situations are awkward and aggravating because there is little to no way to control them. Disagreeing with someone ranked above you is never a fun place to be, and it can certainly take a toll on your health. With good conflict management skills, a positive outlook, and a healthy self-esteem, dealing with a toxic boss or co-worker won’t affect your overall wellness as dramatically.

5. By Affecting Your Eating Habits

Studies have shown that many workplaces offer unhealthy and processed food options such as donuts, pizza, soda, bagels, brownies, cake, and candy. We know that stress can make some people crave sugar—and it becomes much harder to resist when unhealthy snacks are offered for free.

The Bottom Line

Working at a job you dislike is not just annoying and tiresome; it can become harmful to your health. If you’re sticking it out and want to learn how to better cope with your current job, we want to help! If you have a job that makes it difficult to live a healthy, relatively stress-free life, contact our office for support. Our holistic wellness program and chiropractic care can help you cope with a difficult job. And some day, we hope to help you thrive at a job you love!

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