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Want to look and feel your best while aging?

There are many things we recommend doing—and not doing—when it comes to aging and your overall health. To prevent accelerated aging, consider these helpful tips for how to age well:

  1. How well (or not well) do you sleep? Getting good sleep is a crucial part of overall health and well-being. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If you’re struggling to rest well, here are three tactics for better sleep: Turn off electronics at least one hour before bed, consider getting “blue blocker” glasses, and cut back on caffeine.
  2. Manage your stress levels. This is crucial. The body is designed to release cortisol in order to cope with stress—like when you’re in fight or flight mode—but the problem is that most of us run around constantly stressed. In addition to controlling how you cope with stress, cortisol governs digestion, cravings, sleep/wake patterns, blood pressure, and physical activity. Ways to manage stress include (but are not limited to): meditation, deep breathing, and yoga.
  3. Make some simple modifications to cut down on toxicity by avoiding heavy metals. Test your tap water and swap your household cleaning products for organic versions. Discard any plastic containers and Teflon-lined pans and use glass, ceramic, or stainless steel for storing or preparing foods. When choosing makeup, find an organic lipstick to reduce exposure to lead, and select a low-toxicity nail polish. Ask our office for guidance when it comes to detoxing your life.

Aging doesn’t have to be a negative season of your life. We want to work with you so you can feel your best and live life to the fullest! Instead of mourning your youth and what you’ve left behind, celebrate your age and all that you have ahead of you. Life at any age is meaningful and worthwhile!

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